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Design & Engineering

At the core of the MW-SF In-House Portfolio of Services is the Design and Engineering Group. Whether your concept is presented from detailed plans or sketched on a napkin, our skilled professionals can transport it from paper to prototype.

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Wood Manufacturing

MW-SF’s full CNC capability accomplishes woodworking tasks in both prototype and full production capacities. Our highly skilled operators can quickly adapt to changes in either design or material.

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Welding Surface Finishing Tube and Steel Bending Steel Rolling Machining CNC Punching Shearing Forming Sawing Tapping Assembly

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MW-SF has complete in-house metal finishing capability with our environmentally friendly powder coat system. Why depend on secondary vendor’s production or delivery schedule to add an attractive, durable finish to the metal components of your design when MW-SF’s all inclusive

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Inventory Management

With 200,000+ Sq. Ft. of our facility dedicated to warehousing, we have the capability to inventory your program, stage 1000+ store rollouts, or store your goods for either fulfillment or progressive delivery. Our advanced inventory management system can accurately report

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Freight/Logistics Management

MW-SF’s strategic relationship with a logistics hauling company allows access and scheduling control over a fleet of dedicated delivery trucks. “Consistency builds experience which, in turn, builds quality”. Our consistency is derived by delivering our goods through a proven logistics

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