About Us

we are retail focused

MW-SF began with a vision. Build a world class display and fixture company which exemplifies innovation, integrity and quality to its customers, employees and business partners.

In its 25 year history, these principles laid the ground-work for not only the company's success, but the ability to develop strategic Alliances with our customers while creating a stable work environment for our employees.

Our History

MW-SF began as an architectural and custom millwork company in 1991. Throughout the 1990's, the company evolved from creating custom commercial and institutional case goods into a modest sized store fixture design and manufacturing business. From that core, dedication, perseverance and commitment has elevated the company to the industry leader it is today.

With an emphasis on design innovation, value engineering, and precision manufacturing, MW-SF success is additionally fueled by the unique and collaborative relationships we've developed with each of our retail clients.

Our Mission

Midwest Store Fixtures strives to be the best in the world at providing our customers with value added, retail marketing and merchandising solutions that meet their specific goals and performance criteria.

Our Philosophy

To deliver our goods and services with the smallest ecological footprint.



Sourcing of Sustainable Materials

A procurement policy that promotes the use of "green" materials and vendors that demonstrate leadership in the sustainability movement.



Incorporating the use of recyclable materials throughout the manufacturing process both as cost recovery tool and a friendlier environmental impact.



Dust collection system with co-generation heating capabilities.