• Store Display Fixtures

    When most people experience customer service, they are trying to fix a problem. For grocery stores, this usually means helping customers find products that they can’t easily find on the shelves. Customer service is about more than fixing problems. It

  • Showroom Display Fixtures

    Your company’s showroom can be one of the most engaging and effective ways to expose new customers to your products. They can see each item in person and make important buying decisions. From the showroom display fixtures to the amount

  • When customers walk into retail stores, they are unaware of how the layout affects their shopping behavior. Although they don’t know it, the design of the store will play a big part in how they decide to shop. Retail display

  • Store display fixtures are an important part of designing your store. The displays can significantly change how your store functions and how customers respond to it. If you choose the wrong store display fixtures, there is a higher chance of

  • Retail Fixture Solutions Chicago

    Figuring out how to display products in retail stores is one of the most fundamental and difficult decisions that a retail company has to make. Products can have specific display requirements that have to be balanced with the location’s overall

  • Department Store Fixtures

    Your retail store fixtures can have a big impact on customer service, from the way that customers interact with the products your company sells to which products they ultimately choose to buy. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take

  • Your store display fixtures have a big impact on how customers perceive and shop within your store. Any commercial store fixtures that you choose should make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for and to increase

  • Store Fixtures

    Every retail store is different, targeting different types of customers and selling unique products. What store fixtures you choose says a lot about your company’s brand and market. Instead of using generic store fixtures, you can choose store fixtures that

  • Custom Retail Store Fixtures

    As a small business or grocery store owner in the world of Amazon and eCommerce, it is more difficult than ever to make your retail experience stand out. How do you engage your shoppers and keep them coming back when

  • Grocery Store Fixtures

    Many small businesses and grocery store owners overlook one of the most important elements of marketing when it comes to selling their products: your store fixtures and how you display your products. One option is to work with store fixture

  • Never underestimate the impact that great lighting can have on your business. No place is this truer than in a department store warehouse. If you have flickering lights in your warehouse, it’s time to talk to a commercial fixture manufacturer

  • Understanding Retail Store Fixtures Retail store fixtures play an important part in how customers interact with your store and your merchandise. This gives you the chance to make a big impact on your customers by developing commercial store fixtures that

  •   How to Design and Use Shop Displays How you use store fixtures plays an important role in how customers view your products. Use these tips to design and use shop displays effectively.  Lighting Lighting is how you light up

  • clothing store fixtures Chicago

    It’s not easy opening up a new store. It can definitely feel like a juggling act, especially if this is a second or third location. When you have so much on your plate, it’s easy to drop the ball. Regardless

  • Shoe Store Fixtures Chicago

    Are you looking for a way to spruce up your footwear display and get more shoppers to gravitate toward your footwear? Are you using the same old shoe rack in the back of your retail store? It’s time to discover

  • Retail Store Fixtures

    You want your  to help your store generate more money. When strategically arranged, your retail store displays can become your silent salesperson. Here are several ways your modern retail store fixtures can help boost your store’s sales. Change your retail

  • Retail Merchandising Trends in 2020

    The biggest driver of sales and customer engagement is great merchandising. The right merchandising strategy can influence everything in your store, from brand perception to the customer’s experience. That’s why it’s important to stay up to date on the latest

  • Shoe Store Fixture Display Chicago

    Don’t fall into the trap of thinking there’s nothing that can be done to spruce up your shoe rack. While shoe displays can be a bit tricky to design, it’s not impossible. It just takes some creative thinking to create

  • Retail Fixture Solutions Chicago

    It’s not easy finding the right store fixtures and display shelves to perfectly match your store’s brand and the products you are selling. Not only do you have to search retail fixture manufacturers, but you have to take into consideration

  • Custom Retail Fixtures Chicago

    Though marijuana is legal in some states, THC-free marijuana is free in all 50 states. It’s no wonder more people are turning to the $296.4 million CBD retail industry. But, like most things, there is more to selling CBD than

  • Custom Retail Fixtures and Store Displays

    As a retailer of a brick and mortar store, you should always look for new strategies to engage your shoppers, update your retail and apparel display fixtures, and other visual merchandising tactics to enhance your customers’ shopping experience. Global nonprofit

  • Successful Store Event Chicago

    Which type of event will you host? Deciding which type of event you want to host is probably the most important decision you will have to make throughout this process. Putting together an event is not as simple as just

  • Unique Merchandising Ideas

    If you don’t already know, visual merchandising is using anything that can be seen, both inside and outside of the store, to entice customers to come inside. It’s way more comprehensive than window displays. You don’t want customers to just

  • Boutique Store fixtures Chicago

    Here’s a fun fact: the majority of consumers make their purchase decisions at a physical location. This means it’s incredibly important to consider how your store’s design and environment affect your sales. Everything from your floor plan to where and

  • Every retailer wants to make sure they are doing everything they can to increase their store sales. From introducing new products to your inventory to having sales and offering coupons, there are many strategies retailers can use to boost their

  • By now, most retailers know that store display fixtures do more than just display store products. Display fixtures can actually have a major impact on your overall sales. Whether the impact is positive or negative depends on whether you’ve chosen

  • If you didn’t already know, you can change the entire mood of your retail establishment by using the right retail display fixtures. The type of fixtures you use say a lot about you, your store, and your brand, shaping how

  • The Times Are Changing… As industry steams forward, it is becoming more and more important that we are mindful of the waste we create. This encompasses everything from the by-product produced from the shirts we are wearing right now to

  • Store Display Manufacturer Chicago

    No retailer goes into business to NOT make money. Retail business owners do what they can to maximize their profits. Sadly, there are some business owners who do not understand how big an impact the little things can have on

  • Store displays can either make or break your business because they present to your customers your products. How you utilize your retail display fixtures is key. There are different types of display fixtures with their own uses and advantages. Using

  • Retail displays are a necessity for brick and mortar stores. While e-commerce stores must focus on web design and graphics, physical locations must focus on creating a physical, retail experience to excite their customers’ senses: visual, auditory, touch, and smell.

  • Is it time for a makeover for your retail store? Are you preparing to open a new retail establishment and are looking for inexpensive ways to set up your store displays? If you haven’t already put it to use, consider gridwall or slatwall as a retail fixture solution.

  • Every retailer knows that your merchandise displays should be the main attraction in your store. Your store display fixtures are the essential support that your merchandise needs in order to help your merchandise stand out. Translation: improving your store display fixtures can improve your customer experience and boost sales.

  • According to the global, nonprofit retail association, Shop! “The future of physical shopping is about creating a compelling destination and a location specific brand experience.”

    Every retailer finds themselves looking for new strategies to attract customers, increase customer engagement, and ultimately boost sales. There are plenty of ways to entice shoppers and enhance their shopping experience by using custom store fixtures and displays.

  • The phrase “visual merchandising” can invoke feelings of nervousness and fear amongst retailers. That’s probably because they don’t really understand what visual merchandising is. Being afraid of something that retail locations literally depend on is not good. Don’t be afraid. Midwest Store Fixtures is here to quell your uneasiness.

  • The most successful retailers are able to provide a unique experience to their customers – an experience they will remember later on. To provide your customers with an unforgettable shopping experience, your store needs to have a personality of its own. You can give your store big personality with the help of the right store fixtures.

  • Finding new ways to create grocery store displays that will capture shoppers’ attention can prove to be a bit daunting. It can definitely be frustrating watching shoppers react (or simply ignore) the creative and interactive in-store displays you’ve worked hard to produce. Coming up with new ways to generate customer engagement and get them to look up from their cell phones and stop in their tracks to look at your display is not out of reach.

  • As a retailer one of your main goals should be to continuously increase store sales. There are things you can do to entice your customers to buy your products. A few ways you could pique the interest of your customers is to have a store sale, offer coupons, or special offers. Another effective method to inspire customers to buy your products is to use attention-grabbing store displays.

  • Most every consumer knows the feeling of going into a store like Walmart for one or two items and then you’re suddenly in your car with a trunk full of items you know you didn’t need but just had to have them, and a very long shopping receipt in hand. You can blame that on the wonderful science of retail display fixtures. Who makes them? And why are they so irresistible to shoppers?

  • The American Pet Products Associated (APPA) conducted a study, finding that “85 million families, or 68% of all United States households, own at least one pet.” Our pets are our babies, and we spend almost as much money taking care of them as we do infants and toddlers. It’s no wonder that pets supply stores are on a steady incline. The competition can be fierce so here are 4 tips to help you increase your pet store sales by maximizing the use of your store display fixtures.

  • Create a customer experience that sets your store apart from competitors.

    Being visually unique sets businesses apart from their competitors. What would you do if you were shopping in Kohl’s one day and, with a blink of an eye, all of the merchandise, labels and logos disappeared? Would you be able to tell where you were?

    Maybe. Maybe not. Most department stores have plain white walls, tall, white ceilings. But what distinguishes major brands like Kohl’s from other department stores is the brand’s colors on partitions and POP displays.

  • You want to create a pleasant customer experience from the moment customers walk through your door to the moment the make a purchase and exit. How your store’s display fixtures are organized says a lot about your business and contributes to your customers overall experience.

  • Retail store display fixtures are the glue that holds a retail business together. Any good business owner knows that the faster a product sells, the better the return on equity or assets. Displaying your merchandise and products in a way that draws in customers is a key component of having a retail business, whether it’s a brick-and-mortar business, working a trade show, or setting up a promotional kiosk.

  • If you’ve been considering using store fixtures to display your products, then keep reading to find out all you need to know about store fixtures.

  • Custom store fixtures allow business owners to take advantage of two features manufactured store fixtures don’t typically have.

    First, the look is customizable. That means custom store fixtures can be made to match the style and design of a boutique or department store, so there’s no risk of it looking out of place or awkward.

  • In the retail clothing industry, adequately positioning your products is crucial to encouraging sales.

    While print, digital, and social media marketing funnel customers into a store, it is your in-store displays and advertising that convert browsers into customers.

  • Pipeline clothing racks are one of the simplest store display fixture types. However, they are also some of the most versatile.

    There are a variety of different pipeline clothing racks and advantages to each. Below are three pipeline clothing racks that you can consider for your boutique or store.

  • The key to increasing your volume of sales is time. On average, the more time a customer spends in your retail store, the more they will buy!

    Showcasing the products your store has in stock in the best way possible, retail store fixtures and displays serve as a means of advertising by boosting product exposure. How well you use your fixtures and displays determines both the quality of your in-store advertising and the pace at which customers move through your store, which in turn can impact the amount and kinds of products you sell.

  • Displays are retail store fixtures that serve two purposes. First, as the name implies, product displays present products in a store. They are a means of showing customers what products are available in a store. Second, displays function as in-store advertisements. By presenting products fashionably and with style, displays give products greater appeal. They provide an aesthetic presentation to a store’s products.

  • One of the most recent trends to hit the scene is pipeline industrial fixtures. These fixtures evoke a city or urban vibe in a room, and they consist of raw materials – the unfinished look of concrete, metal, wood and exposed brick. This style aims to preserve historic elements of buildings with its monochromatic color scheme. The use of industrial fixtures brings the big city to your store, regardless of where you are located. If you’re interested in using this trend in your own store, then check out these top tips.

  • Retailers work diligently to attract consumer attention and bring customers into the store in the hope of making sales. Once you successfully get your customers into the store, it’s then vital that you keep them happy, comfortable and shopping for as long as possible.

  • Managing a retail store requires an assortment of skills, including how to use retail store fixtures. As a manager, your job is to highlight the store’s products in a way that makes the shopping experience enjoyable for the store’s customers. While the assortment of merchandise certainly impacts the effect the store has on clientele, it’s the arrangement of the merchandise on the store display fixtures that has the most impact.

  • Good quality store fixtures are often overlooked by retailers. While most of us are familiar with the concept of feng shui, the notion of using high-quality, free-standing display units that are in-sync with the rest of the display units in a store seems to be lost on many retail managers.

  • The experience your customers have in your store depends on more than just your service – it also depends on the aesthetics and the environment you present to them. You can use store fixtures to make your customer’s experience even more satisfactory. Customers really respond to design that is creative, unique, and represents your branding. Here are some helpful design tips that you can use in your own store.

  • When putting together the interior design for your retail store’s corporate space, it’s important that you maintain the elements of your company’s branding. You want everyone who visits your headquarters to know what you stand for and what you have to offer, and the design of the space will have a big effect on how visitors feel. Here are some of the ways you can incorporate brand elements in a corporate headquarters.