Trends In Retail Display Fixtures

Trends in Display Fixtures

Display and store fixture manufacturers include Universal Display, the largest supplier of store fixtures for Frito Lay and Pepsi Group. While fixture manufacturers create the fixtures for in-store displays, they work in tandem with retailers to display products that make us want to touch and buy-even if we know we don’t need them. Retail stores often abide by a planogram to optimize products sales in a plan for displaying products throughout the store. In addition to the store’s planogram or product display plan, there are a few trends happening in store display fixtures.

  • Configurability. One trend in retail display fixtures we are seeing is modular and interchangeable designs that allow stores to reconfigure models to create new display designs without having to purchase new fixtures. Configurable display fixtures give retailers flexibility in displaying their products while reducing costs.
  • Using renewable materials. Another trend in retail display fixtures is the embracing of renewable materials. More retailers are requiring fixture manufacturers to use renewable resources and obtain certifications that to show that their product comes from sustainable forestry. Fixture manufacturers and other companies that use hardwoods, plywood, or particle board in their products are taking responsibility to prevent deforestation. This provides the retailer with the unique selling point (USP) of being green and assures customers that their manufacturers are meeting the retailer’s standards.
  • Creating immersive displays. Because humans are visual creatures by nature, more retailers are creating specific environments to immerse their customers in an experience, enticing them to buy. It doesn’t always require building something fancy or intricate. But arranging gondolas, wall displays, shelves, header sign holders, H bars, hooks, apparel bars, face-outs, or waterfalls to set a mood is a trend that will be around for a while.
  • Illuminating products. Along with creating immersive displays is using the right lighting. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a customer’s in-store experience. Lighting can influence customer moods. Sean O’Connor of Sean O’Connor Lighting suggests dynamic white lighting, which allows retailers to switch from “daytime looks with cooler color temperatures to an evening or late-night look with warmer colors.”
  • Geometric patterns. Geometric patterns will probably never go out of style. Having custom retail display counters can add a design element to your retail space that makes your products pop. Especially when they are used in minimalistic designs.

Sure, having a planogram helps maximize product placement throughout the store. But these trends in retail display fixtures is what makes customers really want to buy the things they know they don’t need. It’s all in the creativity.