Our Customers

Global Telecom Companies

MW-SF is a national fixture partner with America's leading telecom provider servicing over 1,300 locations. With our highly versatile manufacturing facility and logistics management capabilities, MW-SF has successfully managed multiple and simultaneous 1,000+ location projects.

The company has the ability to quickly adapt to inevitable last minute changes that accompany rollouts of such scope while providing the customer with timely information on project status.

National Clothing Retailers

MW-SF has significant presence on a nationwide basis. We are the exclusive fixture provider for one of the fastest growing niche' clothing retailers in the country, currently operating 400+ mall locations.

Regional Financial Institutions

MW-SF was asked to evaluate engineering plans for an interactive customer lobby at a large regional bank in the northeast. This new design was a prototype and represented a departure from the bank's normal store front, in that personnel were being co-trained to assist customers with multiple banking services in a more open environment.

We worked closely with the Bank's designers to provide a solution that worked from an esthetic, functionality and security standpoint, as well as meeting budgetary constraints. The bank has recently made the decision to adapt the floor plan to additional locations.