Using Retail Display Fixtures to Improve Your Store

By now, most retailers know that store display fixtures do more than just display store products. Display fixtures can actually have a major impact on your overall sales. Whether the impact is positive or negative depends on whether you’ve chosen the right display fixtures for your products and brand.

Use display fixtures to reinforce your brand.

Your store’s brand identity is pretty important. You want it to be recognizable regardless of whether you have signs up. There are a lot of variables that go into giving your retail establishment a recognizable brand identity. To include your retail fixtures into your brand identity, they should reflect your brand’s color and theme. They need to be consistent with your brand’s messaging. Therefore, both the fixtures and environment around are integral to driving brand loyalty.

You can always find inspiration for visual displays at your competitor’s establishment or at a major retailer. It’s okay to look to their visual displays for ideas and guidance. Just remember to put your own spin on it. You don’t want to copy another store’s look completely.

Experiment with fixtures to find the perfect setting for your store.

You want your retail establishment to feel fresh without feeling unfamiliar. Play around with fixtures and lighting to breathe new life into your store. Try not to change your store too much or too often, though. Play around with colors, but not too much. You don’t want to go off brand. You want your store and brand identity to feel familiar. You want your store to be reliable.

Use fixtures to evoke an emotional connection.

Arrange your fixtures so that they set the stage to help customers visualize your products in their home or in other environments outside of the store. Will your customers be able to visualize a family meal setting with your store’s dining room set? Can your customers imagine skiing while using the ski equipment you have on display? Can they imagine wearing the clothes presented on your clothing display fixtures?

Use fixtures to make products easy to find and purchase.

You always want to ensure customers can quickly find your products and they are easily accessible to them. Your shelving and cases should be at a level that makes browsing comfortable for your customers. You don’t want to force customers to have to bend down, get on their knees to locate a product. You also don’t want your customers to have to stretch their necks just to see your products.

Try to place products in clear sightlines so and within easy reach. It’s good practice to reserve your highest and lowest shelves for storing additional inventory.

Use fixtures to promote specific products.

You can use display fixtures to highlight new products or sale items with the right lighting fixtures and wall displays. Drive customer traffic to seasonal items and limited quantity products. You can also incorporate various “action” colors like red, yellow, or orange to get customer’s blood pumping and excited.

When you’re ready to freshen up your store, just search for “store fixtures near me” to find a store fixtures that will be a great fit for your store. And if you’re in Illinois, Midwest Store Fixtures in Chicago is ready to assist you.