Custom Store Fixtures vs Manufactured Store Fixtures

Second, custom store fixtures can be built to fit into unconventional spaces! While the look of a store fixture is critical, if it doesn’t fit with respect to dimensions, it is of very little value. By choosing custom store fixtures, you don’t have to worry about the fixture fitting because it will be made to fit.

With a custom store fixture, what you want is what you get!

Custom store fixtures can be made to match a store’s motif!

Custom store fixtures are built to complement the design of a store! The colors of the fixture can be made to match those of the store, for example. Or, they can be built big or small or made of a material that looks right in a store.

The decorations on a custom store fixture can also be made to match that of the store! They can be plain – simple shelving – or be elaborate to match a store’s motif. Custom store fixtures have custom lighting, meaning the right lighting can illuminate the most appropriate area of the fixture.

Designing a custom store feature allows you to choose how many shelves and what those shelves are made of – glass versus wood or tin, for example.

Most importantly, you can choose the dimensions. Predetermining the size and dimensions of it might be the most appealing feature of a custom store fixture.

Custom store fixtures are size-able

In addition to custom store fixtures matching the ambiance of a store, they can be made to fit the arrangement of a store properly.

Particularly if the floor design of a store has unique features, a custom store fixture has huge advantages over manufactured fixtures because a custom store fixture can be designed to fit into or fill any space the floor design requires.

Custom store fixtures can be made to fit into odd-angled corners, tight spaces that would go unused otherwise, and stores with ceilings that aren’t the standard 8-feet high.

Custom store fixtures can be made with any design you choose. Need a five-sided store fixture to serve as a centerpiece? Want a grand store fixture with only a few shelves in order to highlight your most expensive product lines? Want one made of two or three different materials?

You can design virtually anything when you choose a custom store feature!