How To Make Industrial Fixtures Work For You

Create an Experience

To create an industrial look it’s all about the ambiance and the environment. The goal is to take your guests on a journey to the big city, regardless of where they actually are. An easy and affordable way to create an urban silhouette in your store is to use specialty slatwall. Hang clothes directly against the wall to create that “unfinished” feel while still retaining a chic look, and use slatwall as the background base to create full room displays. You could set up a small dining table, complete with glassware, dishes, silverware, napkins, and a tablecloth. This creates the essence of a posh city dining area. You could also try merchandising with reclaimed or rustic wood display tables. Displays like this give your customers a chance to picture themselves being in the center of a busy industrial city.

Details Matter

To successfully implement the industrial fixture trend you need to focus and consider all the details. The key is to create a look that seems unfinished. By using products such as industrial garment racks, wooden shelves and exposed iron bars, you’re feeding into the epitome of the industrial look which will create the perfect scene.

Hang pants, shirts, dresses, and skirts from a two-way rack or a double ballet bar rack. Hang different lengths of clothing from the adjustable ballet bar or double tier ballet bar rack.

Let Your Product Do The Talking

Lots of businesses tend to overdo it with industrial fixtures. It’s important to remember that they shouldn’t be the focal point; rather they are a way to create a point of intrigue that draws the eye to your product.

For example, you could use a three-tier accessory merchandiser to adjust the middle and bottom bars to varying heights. Also, you could create a simple display that allows your bracelets, necklaces and any other jewelry to stand out. A cherry-finish wooden base and iron pipe arms will perfectly display accessories without taking away the focus from the items themselves.

These top tips highlight the benefits of using industrial fixtures to enhance your products and give you some great examples of how to incorporate them into your business.