Improve Your Store Display Fixtures For A Branded Experience

When used properly, your retail display fixtures act as a spotlight to show off your products better encouraging customers to browse and purchase your goods. If you’re having trouble with highlighting your products properly, here are a few tips to help you improve your retail display fixtures.

“Spring cleaning” isn’t just for Spring

This should be a given, but it’s important to keep your store clean. Dust regularly, check for chipped paint, unclean surfaces, especially glass. An unclean store will not only reduce the value of your items but could get you bad reviews on Google and Yelp. No retail owner wants to check their store’s reviews to see their customers complain of how unclean their place is.

Review your current floor plan

Compare your floor plan, whether it’s a formal planogram or a self-created layout, to your sales data. You want to focus on the areas of your store where sales are lowest. If you’ve already tried relocating certain pieces of merchandise, then pay attention to whether or not it’s the merchandise or the product that is underperforming.

Rearrange your fixtures

Sometimes your merchandise needs a fresh look. The simple rearrangement of display fixtures, including relocating underperforming merchandise displays to a new area can breathe new life into your store.

Incorporate some new tech

Self-serve kiosks, digital signs, and video displays are a great way to make your store interactive and enhance the customer’s experience.

Review your lighting

Retail store lighting can be harsh. You can spruce up your retail environment with seasonal lighting.

Change out old fixtures

If your fixtures are looking a bit worn and torn, it’s time to let them go. You don’t need brand, spanking new fixtures. Check for used store fixtures for sale to find store fixture companies that offer display fixtures that your business could use. And if you have the time, you could even refurbish some of your older fixtures to create something new for your merchandise.

Consider whether your store is providing your customers a memorable brand experience. Take the branded experience test. If you were to strip your store of all your merchandise and logos, do you think your customers would know where they were? Major store brands like Target and Gap have perfected the art of creating a branded experience because their store fixtures have been tailored to match their respective brand.

Take the branded experience test on your store and think about all the things you could do to enhance your store’s branding without sacrificing the customer’s in-store experience. You don’t have to be a major chain retailer to have custom store fixtures that match your brand. You can search for “custom store fixtures near me” to find a company that will be able to help you with custom lighting fixtures and more. It doesn’t matter if you use clothing store fixtures or convenience store fixtures, there are always ways to reinvent your fixtures and enhance your customer experience.