Shoe Store Fixtures Chicago

Types of Shoe Store Fixtures, Stands and Organizers

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your footwear display and get more shoppers to gravitate toward your footwear? Are you using the same old shoe rack in the back of your retail store? It’s time to discover the many different types of shoe store fixtures so that you can create outstanding displays that grab your shopper’s attention.

Footwear Display Stands

Shoe stands are stands that are specifically designed to display shoes and other types of footwear. Shoe stands are usually adjustable, allowing you to present all shapes, sizes, and styles of shoes. Shoe stands come in a variety of styles as well.

Shoe stands are great for stores that specialize in footwear because they can display pairs individually. They are usually made from plastic or steel, some with beautiful chrome or silver finishes to enhance your store’s décor.

Shoe Shelves

One type of display fixture that brings an aura of elegance is the shoe shelf. Shoe shelves are display fixtures that have been specially designed to display footwear. They can be integrated with shoe racks or used individually. Shoe shelves are commonly constructed out of perforated metal, wood, plastic, or steel and other materials can be used to construct shoe shelves as well.

They can save time and space, be used to organize, store products, or display either multiple pairs of shoes or individual pairs. Shoe shelves look great in exhibition sets. If you want to really stand out, look for store fixtures near me or simply visit us at Midwest Store Fixtures to find the right shoe shelves for your store’s needs.


Shoe Towers and Gondolas

Shoe towers and gondolas are an aesthetic and efficient way to display footwear while serving as pieces of furniture. Because towers and gondolas are upright, they can be used to display products in the center of the store, attracting customers as they shop.

Towers are typically and rectangular. Gondolas are shorter and wider. Both types of display fixtures feature multiple rows of shelving. They are typically made of steel, wood, wire, and other resilient materials.

Shoe Tables and Pedestals

Shoe tables and pedestals provide an efficient and professional look for displaying footwear and other items. They can be placed almost anywhere in your store and are great for window displays.

They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and materials, but the most common material is wood or some form of metal.

Shoe Hangers

Shoe hangers are hangers created specifically to display shoes by hanging them on a display rack. They are generally incorporated into display racks to stack, displaying a lot of shoes together. Not only do shoe hangers display elegantly and efficiently, but they allow for easy organization.

Shoe Risers

Shoe risers best exhibit pairs of shoes individually. Risers, like the name says, elevate your footwear items to make them more visible and accessible to shoppers. They will usually hold one item of footwear per riser.

Risers are typically made of transparent acrylic or transparent glass. They come in a variety of interesting shapes and are ideal for shops that specialize in footwear.