Showroom Display Fixtures

5 Ways to Showcase Showroom Products

Your company’s showroom can be one of the most engaging and effective ways to expose new customers to your products. They can see each item in person and make important buying decisions. From the showroom display fixtures to the amount of product you stock in the showrooms, the decisions you make about your showroom can have a big impact on customers’ experience and your ability to sell products. Here are five ways to showcase showroom products. 

Maximize Your Showroom Space

Products that are not represented on the showroom floor do not sell since your customers never get to see them. The best way to make sure that your products sell is to maximize your showroom space. This means getting the right amount of products represented on the showroom floor without overstuffing it. Doing this depends on the fixtures that you choose. There are many fixture designs that make it easy to cross-merchandise, feature, and store products all within reach of customers. 

Create a Put-Together Look

Although you want to have all of your products represented in the showroom, it is important to create a put-together look. Many stores make the mistake of putting everything out without having a plan, which makes the showroom messy and confusing. There should be a method to how everything is displayed and organized. In a way, you are crafting a story with the products that you display so that customers can easily picture those products in their homes in specific ways. This is what drives customers to buy products. 

Group Products Purchased Together

Cross-merchandising, a method of grouping products together that are usually purchased together, is an effective way to upsell products. For example, clothing stores will group entire outfits together so that customers will buy multiple pieces rather than just one item. To do this effectively, try to use combination fixtures. There are many types of apparel display fixtures that can display multiple items in a collection. This will help customers see themselves in that collection, making it increasingly likely that they will buy it. 

Pick Appropriate Fixtures

The fixtures that you use in your store are designed to be important pieces themselves. Customers look at the fixtures as much as they look at the products. This is why it is important to pick appropriate fixtures for your branding, products, and display needs. 

Fixtures that are highly functional but do not fit the aesthetic of the store will look out of place and change customers’ impression of the store. For example, modern retail store fixtures will look out of place in an antique store. Fixtures with an aged or dated look would be the correct store display fixtures for that store. Make choices based on what will work and fit well. 

Effective Merchandising

Effective merchandising is the key to getting the most out of your showroom. The fixtures are an important part of that as they set the tone for your design and you can use them to facilitate your merchandising. If you are unsure of how to effectively merchandise in your store, contact MW-SF to learn more about our collection of showroom display fixtures.