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Types of Apparel Display Fixtures & Solutions

Figuring out how to display products in retail stores is one of the most fundamental and difficult decisions that a retail company has to make. Products can have specific display requirements that have to be balanced with the location’s overall aesthetic and can lead to interesting design choices. However, there are many types of apparel display fixtures to choose from that make it much easier to find the right system for your store. Here is a look at the types of apparel display fixtures and solutions. 

Mannequins and Body Forms

Mannequins are common apparel display fixtures since they mimic body shapes. They make it easy for customers to see how something will look on them. There are many types of mannequins to choose from, including full-body, upper body, lower body, and individual parts. When choosing mannequins and body forms, think about the products that you sell. 

If you sell entire outfits where you can easily create ensembles, then it may be a good idea to use full-body mannequins. You can display products in groups, which may improve sales and make shopping easier for customers. If you sell apparel of a limited type, like jewelry or shoes, then using smaller body forms can be more effective. 

Tables and Dressers 

Displaying a large number of products can be a challenger. Fortunately, tables and dressers can address this problem. The shape and height of the table that you choose can be important. For example, round tables can hold a large amount of folded shirts and other apparel pieces. They also work well as centerpieces rather than end pieces. It is important to balance the height and width of the table as well since a table that is too high makes it impossible to reach the center of the table. This will restrict sales.

Hangers and Racks

If you sell dresses or upscale clothing, hangers and racks can be a better option. The style of hanger that you choose is largely determined by the clothes. However, there are options to increase the amount of the product on a rack or to use the hanger as part of your store design. Specialized hangers can be a design element that customers will notice when shopping for something specific. 

Racks can be useful, especially since they are usually portable. This gives you the ability to relocate products in the store to create new displays and to feature different products. There are several types of racks to choose from as well including shelf racks or hanging racks. Shelf racks are useful for a large collection of different products that you will eventually put on sale or relocate in the store. 

Wall Displays

Wall displays are more difficult to choose since they are almost always permanent installations. They need to fit the design of the store as well as the needs of the products. However, there is a large number of wall displays to choose from with a large degree of customization. Modular shelving is especially helpful for stores with a large collection of different products. It gives you the flexibility that you need to design displays for products while being a consistent and reliable display option. 

Choosing the right display type takes time and evaluation. Work with a company that can help you develop the best displays for your store. Contact MW-SF to see what apparel display fixtures we offer.