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Tips and Tricks for Using Boutique Store Fixtures and Supplies to Boost Sales

Here’s a fun fact: the majority of consumers make their purchase decisions at a physical location. This means it’s incredibly important to consider how your store’s design and environment affect your sales. Everything from your floor plan to where and how you lead your shoppers to merchandise has an impact on shoppers’ decision to make a purchase. These tips and tricks will help you maximize your retail store’s profit potential.

Create a “Power Wall”

In the retail community, it’s a wide known fact that 90% of North American shoppers have a tendency to turn right when they enter a store. It’s because we drive on the right side of the road. So naturally, it’s how we direct retail traffic. The first wall a shopper will see when they unconsciously make their right turn, is called the Power Wall.

The power wall gives shoppers their first impression of the interior of your store and goods. Your power wall should display new, seasonal, high-profit, and or high demand merchandise. You can use this wall to tell a story with your products. If it’s within your budget, you can work with store display manufacturers to create a custom display fixture that will perfectly display your high-demand goods.

Create a Theme That Tells Your Brand’s Story

Speaking of telling a story with your products, any knowledgeable fixture manufacturer will tell you that it’s a great idea to have a theme that evokes an emotion in your shoppers. Having a store theme connects your store’s décor elements to your brand’s story. For example, if you sell artisan soaps and skin care products, including natural décor like live plants, flowers and muted colors to complement your products would help to create a retail environment that is soothing and relaxing to shoppers.

Lead Your Shoppers Down the Right Path the Right Way

As a retailer, you want to make sure shoppers can find what they are looking for in your store with ease. The best way to set your shoppers on the right path is to create a pathway throughout your store. Give your shoppers enough space to pass between pods or clusters of merchandise. A great example of a retailer directing shoppers to various areas is Ikea. Ikea created clear paths throughout their many facilities, using modern retail store fixtures and signs to guide shoppers to clearly defined store sections.

Shine Your Light on Your Goods

The lighting you choose should, not only highlight your merchandise, but it should match your theme without being overpowering. It’s important to keep in mind that different types of lighting effects demographics differently. Bright, fluorescent lights can be cold, impersonal and unflattering in boutique apparel stores. Yellow light bulbs, on the contrary, are warm and easier on the eyes. Even the use of large, display windows can add flattering, natural light to your store when cleaned regularly. Jewelry retailers can work with store fixture manufacturers to create custom lighting to elegantly highlight their jewelry pieces.

Whether you are creating a layout for your new boutique store or looking for new ways to revamp your retail store, try to envision your store through the eyes of your shoppers. Being able to see through the eyes of your customers will help you to create a well-designed store that shoppers will flock to.