Turn Browsers Into Buyers With Store Display Fixtures

Reinforce Your Brand

Everything in your store should be consistent with your brand. That includes your retail display fixtures. Your store display fixtures are the most prominent visual feature of your store’s environment. You want to use quality, custom store fixtures that are consistent with your brand message. This will reinforce brand recognition, driving customer experience and loyalty. Don’t be afraid to check out the competition for visual inspiration and guidance.

Make a Scene

You want customers to be able to visualize your products outside of your store. Create a scenario. Use bookcases to display books and other small objects. Use a desk and home office fixtures to capture how your products would look in a home office. Use a table to display flatware or tableware. Don’t discount the use of a mannequin to show off clothes. Clothing retailers can create a focal point by hanging garments on clothing fixtures by color and size creating a rainbow effect. Customers will be drawn to their favorite hues and will likely convert from browsers to customers.

Make Merchandise Easily Accessible

Always ensure your cases and shelving placement allow your customers to browse comfortably. Don’t place products too high to reach or too low causing a strain on customers’ lower back. You want to place your merchandise in clear sight and easy reach.

Highlight Specific Items

You can use custom fixtures and LED shelf lighting to highlight featured items or sale items. You want these items to stand out from the rest, so use strong colors like orange or red sparingly.

Think Outside the Box

Staying on-brand doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t experiment with looks and styles. You want your visual merchandising to be fresh while remaining true to your brand and familiar to your customers. Alternating colors with the changing seasons, for example, can be a breath of fresh air for customers. Just don’t overdo it. You want your customers to know your business and brand are reliable and consistent. And consistency builds trust.

Your store is a one big marketing display. Your displays should never compete with your products. Your fixtures should complement your merchandise. Customers respond to creative ways of displaying merchandise. And a quality, well-designed fixture will enhance your products. A little imagination can go a long way to converting browsers into customers.