How to Make Your Store Display Fixtures Match Your Shop’s Personality

Here are a few ideas for creating different store personalities and how to achieve them.

Create a relaxing, spa atmosphere.

Health and beauty retailers will usually want to create a tranquil atmosphere for their shoppers. White and cream are traditionally associated with this type of theme because they evoke a feeling of cleanliness, freshness, and new beginnings. In addition, light purples are known to be calming and soothing. These colors go very well with a light-colored wood. Look for retail display fixtures and wholesale shopping bags with these colors. Relaxing music also goes a long way to creating a soothing environment for your shoppers.

Create high-end ambiance.

If you want to create a classy store environment that says “This is the high-end, luxury boutique where you need to be” then you need the right color combination and store display fixtures. Understated, minimalist décor is the route you want to take. Wooden display tables are a fantastic choice to complement simple white mannequins. Also, keep in mind that the color black is associated with power and luxury and works very well to attract shoppers to high-end stores.

Create a hip, funky vibe.

The hip, fun, and funky atmosphere works best with second-hand clothing stores, interior design merchants, urban-style clothing retailers and even toy stores. The element that really brings this type of mise en scène to life is color. Bold colors like red, yellow, orange, and pink can create a fun environment. You will need store supply fixtures that can be changed out easily to arrange your items to fit your store’s personality.

Note: you want to limit yellows, oranges, and reds to accent walls to avoid overwhelming your customers. And make sure the color of your wall doesn’t clash with the colors of your products on display or the packaging.

Here’s a color guide to help you select a color scheme to help bring out your store’s personality.

Red – known for increasing the heart rate and creating a sense of urgency. Great for outlet malls, clearance shops, and attracting customers to products on sale.

Orange – known for being vibrant and energetic, though, it can be seen as an aggressive color. However, it is great for calling shoppers to action.

Yellow – another high-energy color that is great for grabbing shoppers’ attention. It’s often associated with youthfulness and optimism.

Green – the money color. Naturally, it’s associated with money and wealth and can be used to draw attention to store deals. It’s the easiest color for the human eye to process.

Blue – evokes feelings of security and trust. You will see blue more often in department stores and banks.

Pink – romantic and feminine and often seen in lingerie and perfume stores and boutiques. It’s known for making female shoppers feel safe.

Purple – purples are soothing and calming. You’ll see beauty boutiques with splashes of purple in their décor and various types of store fixtures.

Black – associated with luxury and power. It’s strong, bold, and perfect for attracting consumers to high-end products and upscale establishments.

White – traditionally seen as pure, clean, and fresh. It also signifies new beginnings.