Retail Store Display Fixtures

Make the most of your sales space with a variety of fixtures for your merchandise. You want to make sure your goods are easy for customers to locate and interact with. Having displays that are designed to provide visibility, accessibility, stability and security will increase your profitability and create a great customer experience.

Types of Store Display Fixtures

You want to display your merchandise in a way that will convert browsers into buyers. That takes understanding the different types of display fixtures and their purpose. Different types of fixtures can elevate your store’s personality.

Clothing Racks

Clothing store fixtures are most common for displaying dresses, shirts, pants and other clothing items. You can also use clothing racks to display handbags, and accessories like scarves, ties, and lingerie. Clothing racks are especially great for displaying clothing items in a small space.

Glass Shelf Units

Glass shelf units add a sophistication and attractiveness to a retail space. Use modern retail store fixtures like glass shelving units to direct attention to specific items. They come in a variety of sizes but can take up quite a bit of space. They can also serve as a point of purchase fixtures.

Gridwall/Slatwall Panels

Gridwall panels come in many sizes and can be moved or rearranged at a moment’s notice. It’s a flexible and efficient way to display many types of merchandise. The setup and breakdown are easy and storage space needed is minimal.

Store Counters

Store counters include checkout counters and register stands. A cashwrap provides a space for employees to store accessories and supplies while providing a secure area for customer payments and transactions. Counters also allow for smaller displays like spinners, bulk bins, risers, and easels that can be easily matched to the store’s décor and product sizes.

Display Tables

Display tables are simple showcases that are smaller than a cashwrap and are mobile like gridwalls and slatwall panels. They are moveable stands that can be used to create an ideal focal point to attract attention to new, seasonal or high-ticket merchandise.

If you are looking for custom panels, shelving or other custom designed fixture solutions to elevate the style of your business while providing security and storage for your employees, Midwest Store Fixtures can take care of all your needs. We design and engineer custom store fixtures that make your store stand out. We will help you incorporate personality and elegance into your displays and presentations that will improve your overall customer experience.