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Effective Retail Fixture Solutions for CBD Displays

Though marijuana is legal in some states, THC-free marijuana is free in all 50 states. It’s no wonder more people are turning to the $296.4 million CBD retail industry. But, like most things, there is more to selling CBD than customers having general knowledge of its uses. Retail establishments need to consider the unique retail needs of selling CBD products.

Meeting the Needs of Different Types of Distribution

CBD comes in many forms and, therefore, requires different types of retail fixture solutions to meet those individual distribution mediums. The requirements for the array of channels are diverse and will require different space constraints than traditional products. You can find used retail fixtures for sale from a variety of retail fixture manufacturers that can meet most display needs. You’ll have to take into consideration the varying sizes of vape pens, different types of edibles, tinctures, and more.

Creating an Impulse to Buy

Though it’s argued that CBD is a destination purchase, it’s still possible to trigger impulse purchases with the right display placement. You want to orient the display’s graphics and messaging to encourage impulse buys and trial purchases to drive sales and gain new customers. In the CBD industry, capitalizing on incorporating trial use, samples, and experimentation in your display design is effective marketing.

Branding and Graphics Displays

One of the most successful branding strategies for CBD retail stores is using lifestyle graphics to emotionally connect with customers. Having strong brand-building graphics and aesthetic displays are the surest way to win over your customers. CBD shop owners can learn a lot from other successful consumer product companies when it comes to their displays. Custom retail store fixtures that include 3D laser cut letters and graphic-intensive displays are visually interesting and attract customers.

Best Materials for CBD Fixtures

Many successful CBD retail shops are partial to small footprint displays. They help specialty retailers who have constrained spaces take full advantage of small spaces. Also, a great looking material for retail display fixtures is acrylic. Acrylic or polycarbonate is stronger than glass but also lightweight and resistant to scratches and smudges. Acrylic display fixtures give a clean, sophisticated look and are very versatile. Acrylic retail fixture solutions include:

  • Shelving
  • Racks
  • Clear front display cases with clear countertops
  • Product holders
  • Free-standing display 360-degree access and visibility

Use Display Units Call Attention to Specific Products

You can use the right retail fixture to highlight specific products and promotions. Display units can be placed anywhere in your store. As discussed earlier, small display units like footprint displays are excellent for calling attention to special items.

A well-designed CBD display merchandising program can really take your retail establishment to the next level in helping establish your brand, maximizing your sales, and distinguishing your store brand from the competition.

CBD stores are different but, like all retail stores, share similarities. You will want to choose the retail fixtures that work best for your store and brand.