Store Displays and Custom Retail Fixtures That Engage Shoppers

Retail Trends in Custom Store Fixtures

Retail constantly evolves and changes to keep up with the competition of online shopping. Retailers are always looking for new ways to entice consumers to come into their store. This means that retailers are challenged to create impactful and memorable experiences for their shoppers. Below, we highlight a few trends that could help.

Use flexible shelving.

Flexible store display fixtures and shelving systems provide boundless merchandising solutions for retailers of all sizes. Flexible shelving displays can be configured in many ways to create a new display, accommodate existing displays, or be removed altogether.

Have fixtures on wheels.

Having modern retail display fixtures on wheels, such as rolling bins, clothing racks, table fixtures, and other types of display fixtures, allow you to continuously create new and fresh displays without the complication of permanence.

Use mobile light boxes.

Custom fixtures with movable light boxes enable retailers to quickly enhance or repurpose a space as the needs of the store changes.

Use advanced lighting systems.

Let’s face it: fluorescent lights can be incredibly harsh. Upgrade your store to LED lighting to expand your ability to integrate lighting into your displays.

Personalize the consumer’s shopping experience with tech.

Integrate technology into your store’s experience to give your shoppers a personalized experience. Interactive retail enables retailers to engage with customers to create remarkable experiences. Integrating interactive retail concepts is something luxury retailers like Neiman Marcus has been doing for years. Examples of interactive retailing include:

  • Digitized loyalty programs,
  • Interactive fitting room mirrors,
  • Customize retail experience with apps that tailor recommendations based on past purchases,
  • Interactive, touch screens

Why You Need Custom Retail Fixtures

If you have an idea for a specific retail display for a holiday or special event, having a custom display fixture to showcase your products and/or brand can do your retail establishment a huge favor. You don’t want to have to sacrifice your vision and choose the nearest, available store fixture. Bring your vision to life by teaming up with Midwest Store Fixtures who have more than 25 years’ experience creating custom designed fixture solutions across a plethora of retail industries.

Having a custom retail fixtures manufacturer will allow you to maximize the space in your store by creating displays and signage that will use the space from the floor to the ceiling efficiently.

Partnering with a store fixture company who specializes in specialty store fixtures will do wonders for your brand and your vision in creating custom display units, display cubes, racks, seating, flexible or modular pieces and so much more. Your creativity will not be limited, and you’ll be able to create an experience for consumers that is sure to draw them into your store.