Grocery Store Fixtures

How Grocery Store Fixtures and Other Retail Fixtures Can Transform Your Store

Many small businesses and grocery store owners overlook one of the most important elements of marketing when it comes to selling their products: your store fixtures and how you display your products.

One option is to work with store fixture manufacturers to create engaging displays. Keep these tactics in mind to ensure you’re presenting your store fixtures and displays in a way to maximize your sales.

Change out your displays on a regular cadence. For some displays, this can be monthly or even weekly. If you’re offering grocery store fixtures, you will want to keep items in the same place so repeat customers know where to look, but you can signage and fixtures around the items to keep things fresh.

Take advantage of higher-end fixtures. Throughout your store, you will want to have a few higher-end displays to showcase your highest value products. Put these displays in the most prominent place in your store (typically in the front) so customers coming into the store can immediately see and touch the products.

Use colors to your advantage. One piece of advice we always give is to use contrasting colors so certain colors really stand out. Use monochromatic displays don’t catch a customer’s eye and they will often just roll by without purchasing.

Make sure you use tags. When you’re a customer, you know how frustrating it is to look for a price tag and never find it. So, make sure customers in your own store don’t have the same experience! Double-check for price tags and always add a tag when a customer has to ask how much something costs.

Avoid DO NOT TOUCH fixtures. Keep in mind that every fixture and display is a reflection of your brand and values. You want people to feel that your store is warm and inviting and Do Not Touch signage often gives the opposite impression. So Do Not Touch these fixtures for your store!

Be creative with your lighting and displays. Think about a recent trip you had to a grocery store, retailer, or small business where you saw a display or fixture that really stood out. For example, you always see special Super Bowl displays at grocery stores to sell beer, chips, salsa, and all the other fixings. People remember these displays and, in some cases, but these displays on social media, which helps to promote your store and brand. Think about creative ways you can build your displays, and leveraging lighting, to really make a display stand out in someone’s mind.

It is important to remember that marketing doesn’t end when the customer enters your store. Marketing continues through and beyond that customer making a purchase.

Store fixtures allow you to sell every customer who walks past a display. You can leverage store fixture manufacturers to take advantage of lighting, color, and custom displays. You should think about displays on a weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis. What is the next big holiday or event coming up? What sort of signage or fixture can you create to highlight that event in your store?

If you have any questions about lighting or custom displays, Midwest Store Fixtures is here to help.