Custom Retail Fixtures and Store Displays

Engage Shoppers with Custom Retail Fixtures and Store Displays

As a retailer of a brick and mortar store, you should always look for new strategies to engage your shoppers, update your retail and apparel display fixtures, and other visual merchandising tactics to enhance your customers’ shopping experience.

Global nonprofit retail trade association, Shop, said, “The future of physical shopping is about creating a compelling destination and a location- specific brand experience. Department stores and malls are drawing on their best asset — space — to re-enchant consumers.”

All across North America, malls are having vacancy issues, between 10 and 40% mall vacancies. While store closures continue to haunt the retail sector, many retailers are able to thrive due to their ability to redefine their in-store, retail experience with custom store fixtures and other retail trends. Here are a few tips to help engage your shoppers.

Staying Up to Date with Custom Store Fixtures and Retail Trends

The retail industry is ever evolving with more consumers shopping online each day. This means you have to make sure the customer’s retail experiences are memorable and impactful.

Use flexible shelving. Having flexible store displays and shelving systems allow for a plethora of merchandising solutions. Retailers can modify shelving into many display configurations or remove them all together to create a unique product display.

Use portable fixtures. Fixtures on wheels like apparel display fixtures (clothing racks), rolling bins, and other mobile displays, help you to keep your store’s visual merchandising fresh and gives your customers a “new” feel without becoming unrecognizable.

Mobile light boxes are great. When you are redesigning or updating your retail space, permanent light fixtures can be troublesome. Mobile light boxes allow you the flexibility to highlight your products when you want, where you want.

Integrate technology to create a personalized shopping experience. Tech in retail spaces are all the rage, especially with the introduction of interactive retailing, especially the incorporation of smart fitting rooms. Even something as seemingly minor as creating a personalized playlist for your shoppers can do wonders to enhance your customer’s shopping experience.

Out with fluorescent and in with LED. Fluorescent lighting can be unflattering, and it can also be bothersome for older shoppers. The LED revolution has ushered in a new era of integrating lighting into displays.

The Benefits of Using Custom Retail Fixtures

When you have an idea for an innovative product display to showcase and highlight your merchandise turning to mass-produced store display fixtures may not be enough to carry out your vision. The solution will be to work with a custom fixture manufacturer to assist you in creating displays that meet your exact specifications. From the size, shape, color, and even materials, working with a top custom fixture manufacturer is the solution to making your idea a reality.

Using Floor to Ceiling Retail Display Solutions

Too often, retailers will neglect the space from the floor to the ceiling. There is ample opportunity to use this space wisely, with branded signage and to help create a pathway to guide shoppers to the products they need.