Using Grocery Store Display Fixtures That Stop Shoppers In Their Tracks

There are a few ways that can help you arrange your grocery store display fixtures to create displays that will stop shoppers in their tracks.

Use better lighting.

Few things are worse for a store’s products than bad lighting. Grocery stores tend to be one big, unpleasant fluorescent light. By highlighting certain products with custom store display fixtures with custom lighting, you will break the monotony of the dull row-to-row zombie walk by drawing attention to specific items. This approach is fantastic for sales items and featured products.

Play with different shapes.

Because grocery store fixtures tend to just endless rows of rectangles, introduce custom retail display fixtures that are round or triangular such as round bins, multi-sided bin sleeves, and eye-grabbing wall displays.

Take advantage of the seasons.

The four seasons create marvelous opportunities to create dynamic displays that play on various themes. The seasonal approach is actually a consumer favorite. Create the perfect scene by putting everything your customer needs for an awesome summer pool party in one stunning display. Create the perfect “trick-or-treat” kit for Halloween in a spook-tacular retail display. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Make better use of the space between the floor and the ceiling.

One of the most neglected retail spaces is vertical space. Instead of continuously making your consumers dig through piles of fruits and veggies, put on a spectacular, colorful wall display of healthy fruits and veggies. Don’t let vertical space go to waste. You won’t have to worry about produce being buried or forgotten.

There is a plethora of retail display solutions to help breathe new life into your grocery store displays. Midwest Store Fixtures has the custom grocery store fixtures that your store needs to create visually stunning displays that will stop your shoppers in their tracks and make them want to buy what you’re selling. There are so many types of store display fixtures that would enhance your store’s look and help boost sales. If you’re not sure where to start, contact us here at Midwest Store Fixtures so that we can help you get started with custom designed fixture solutions to wow your shoppers.