Store Display Fixtures

Improve Customer Service by Fixing Fixtures

When most people experience customer service, they are trying to fix a problem. For grocery stores, this usually means helping customers find products that they can’t easily find on the shelves. Customer service is about more than fixing problems. It is about finding ways of giving customers a better experience in your store. You can resolve most of your customer service issues before they begin by fixing your grocery store fixtures

Anticipate Problems

The key to avoiding most of your customer service problems is to anticipate what problems your current setup creates. Every fixture layout compromises somewhere, and those compromises can lead to problems that must be handled by the customer service team. 

The best way to find these problems is to look at your store from the point of view of the customers. Walkthrough the process that customers follow and look for issues. For example, any product that you cannot easily find is a problem that needs to be addressed. Customers, like seniors, may have trouble reaching certain products if they are not at arm height. The specifics of how customers respond to your fixtures can reveal a lot about how to perceive your store. 

Fix Problems as They Arise

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to build a store layout that never experiences problems. However, those problems don’t have to destroy your customer experience. As you find out about problems, take the necessary steps to gather information so that you can address them before more customers experience the same problems. Being proactive in this process leaves fewer chances for negative customer experiences. 

The Layout Makes a Difference

Grocery stores tend to follow two layout ideas. The first is the grid layout where everything fits neatly into a grid pattern. Everything is in parallel aisles, listed by category, and strictly managed to make it easy to find. The other option is the informal layout, which usually uses tables and custom fixtures to display everything. Both options have their own benefits, and most grocery stores use a combination of both methods. 

What is more important than which method you choose is how you implement them. Both methods can be effective at either creating order or creating an eye-catching design as long as the implementation is right. That means having crisp divisions between products, keeping things well organized, and focusing on improving the experience for customers. 

Choosing the Right Fixtures

There is a simple method for choosing the right fixtures: pick fixtures that support your products. There are specific fixture types that are necessary for different types of products, but there is flexibility in those choices to create a brand experience for your store. Pick fixtures that fit your products as well as define a sense of style or enhance the experience. Display fixture manufacturers offer a wide assortment of fixture designs so that you can choose what works best for your store.

Get the Support That You Need

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