Custom Retail Store Fixtures

Engage Your Shoppers with Custom Retail Store Fixtures

As a small business or grocery store owner in the world of Amazon and eCommerce, it is more difficult than ever to make your retail experience stand out. How do you engage your shoppers and keep them coming back when they have eCommerce options available from their home?

One area that retailers can take advantage of is custom store fixtures. Retail store fixtures include the displays, furniture, lighting, and other assets the store utilizes to create an atmosphere that is inviting and keeps shoppers coming back.

Leverage these trends to create a retail experience that is memorable, engaging, and impactful.

  • Personalize the experience. New technology is developed every day to help the physical retail store. Find new ways to integrate technology into your retail environment so that each shopper feels like the experience is personalized to them. Examples include smart fitting rooms that can suggest other products the shopper might like or being able to display custom promotions or discounts when a shopper is in the store.
  • Use lighting to your advantage. Some of the biggest retailers of the day, such as Apple or Microsoft, use lighting to create a shopping experience that is warm and crisp. Take advantage of LED displays to be able to highlight your products and offerings in a new way.
  • Moveable shelving and fixtures. Customers want to be surprised with new products, new offerings, and new reasons to come into your store. Flexible shelving and displays that can be moved around do a good job of changing up the store layout, without requiring brand new fixtures or displays.
  • Take advantage of higher end fixtures. With higher end fixtures, you can showcase your highest value products. You will want to put these displays in the most prominent places in your store as a way to invite customers to enter your store.

Sometimes you will need to go with custom store fixtures if the standard options won’t allow you to achieve your vision. In this case, you can work with store fixture manufacturers who can provide a team, including designers and engineers, to bring your vision to life. These manufacturers are experts on delivering retail-ready solutions that are to your design and brand specifications. You will get the most benefit from custom store fixture manufacturers if you can communicate your brand vision and values that you are looking to display.

With custom store fixtures, you can deliver innovative displays to reimagine your retail experience, improve your brand, get customers through your door, and generate sales.

With competition from Amazon and other eCommerce companies, the retail experience must be a destination for shoppers where they can interact not only with products, but with your brand. Department stores and malls are taking this trend to heart with new displays, interactive experiences, and ways to entertain while they sell products.

Small businesses and grocery stores can take advantage of these trends and do the same. In time, the retail shopping experience can be transformed to one that is highly interactive, and it all starts with unique store fixtures to guide the customer journey.  

Talk to the retail fixture experts at Midwest Store Fixtures if you have any questions about improving your shopper engagement.