The Importance of Selecting the Right Store Display Fixtures

Every retailer wants to make sure they are doing everything they can to increase their store sales. From introducing new products to your inventory to having sales and offering coupons, there are many strategies retailers can use to boost their in-store sales. One of the best strategies, however, is selecting the right store display fixtures for your retail establishment.

Working with a retail fixture company to create brilliant store fixture strategy can do wonders for your store’s bottom line. When considering the best display fixtures for your store, ask yourself these questions.

Do you want movable fixtures or permanent fixtures?

Both moveable fixtures and permanent fixtures have their usefulness. It’s a good idea to use an assortment of the two throughout your store. You can have movable display fixtures like countertop and tabletop displays, lightweight shelving which are great for impulse products like gift cards, snacks, accessories and other little things that shopper may not necessarily need, but will likely pick up as they make their way to the register. Also, cardboard stands are great portable fixtures.

Permanent display fixtures are ideal for drawing attention to items that customers need. You can breathe new life into permanent display fixtures by switching out brands or the products being highlighted. You can also work with custom retail fixture companies to build display fixtures for products that are unique to your brand or products that have a special or unique size.

Are the display fixtures able to serve their intended purpose?

Speaking of custom retail fixtures, you want to make sure that the display fixtures you choose are functional. Without functional displays to properly show off your merchandise, your store won’t be successful. You have to consider what you will be showcasing before you select and install your fixtures. For example, if you are displaying tee shirts, you will need shelving larger than grocery store fixtures that hold canned goods. Work with store supply fixtures that meet the height, weight, and length of the products you will be showcasing.

Are the display fixtures able to be updated easily?

The thing about showroom display fixtures is that they are usually easily swapped out for something else to give shoppers the feeling of seeing something new. Seeing the same displays week after week cause your sales floor to lose a bit of its excitement. Try rearranging your fixtures, replacing old mirrors and lighting with new fixtures and accessories. You should be able to replace your retail display fixtures to create an exciting theme and tell a story through your merchandise display. Take advantage of the flexibility of mobile display fixtures, signage, and accessories that wow your shoppers. But don’t overdo it. You want to update your displays, not make your store unrecognizable.

You can work with retail fixture companies to come up with amazing lighting and fixture options to shine a new light on your merchandise. Use custom retail fixtures to help your store stand out from the competition and draw in more shoppers.