Green Is The New Trend In Display Fixture Manufacturing

The Times Are Changing…

As industry steams forward, it is becoming more and more important that we are mindful of the waste we create. This encompasses everything from the by-product produced from the shirts we are wearing right now to the tools used in making the shirts. However, one thing you may not take into account is the sustainability of the store display fixtures that displayed the shirt you bought.

Flexibility Is Important

As a store owner, it is more advantageous to invest in displays that can be modulated into different styles as the product on display changes. Using existing racks can drastically reduce overhead costs, therefore increasing profits and reducing waste. Retailers of the more modern world are demanding that the headache of having to reorder new retail display fixtures every season become something of the past, and manufacturers are working to meet those needs by providing fixtures that are made of recycled materials and certified as being green.

Green is the way to go

With deforestation as a major issue in the modern world, there are new initiatives that have been deployed as a way to hold factories accountable for where they obtain the materials. The demand for accountability and sustainability has taken off on the West Coast, and it is making its way across the country as more and more retailers are becoming aware of the benefits of going green. As a business owner and human being, it is important to educate ourselves on the greener options so the waste produced is minimized.

The ability to focus on other details

With the ability to utilize reconstructable displays, an added benefit is the ability to focus on other details of the business. For smaller businesses with limited backroom space, reusable clothing display fixtures also come with the added bonus of less clutter, which makes anyone who has ever worked in retail breathe a sigh of relief. If you are reading this, then you probably understand the stress of bursting at the seams with old, dusty racks from seasons past, and yet you are still looking for more space in the back to place overstock. 

Trends beget new standards

While the green trend in creating store displays is still being referred to as such, with more and more demands for reusable displays increasing, one could predict eventually this trend will become the standard in how store owners order their displays. Displays, no matter how big or small are needed by all businesses and the importance of functional displays cannot be overstated, therefore the demand for displays that can be modified in a multitude of styles is something will increase the demand for more sustainable options. 

As mentioned earlier, the desire for greener, more sustainable options for store displays and fixtures was first demanded of display manufacturers on the West Coast, and studies conducted regarding the data of maintaining order entries for new displays with each season drastically decreased as well, and who doesn’t like a more streamlined ordering process?

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