Retail Store Fixtures

Transform Your Retail Store Fixtures into Sales

You want your  to help your store generate more money. When strategically arranged, your retail store displays can become your silent salesperson. Here are several ways your modern retail store fixtures can help boost your store’s sales.

Change your retail display fixtures monthly.

One of the oldest pieces of relationship advice floating around is to “Add a little mystery. Change it up.” This advice can be used for your retail display fixtures, too. While you want your store to still be recognizable, you want to change up your retail displays monthly to add a bit of “WOW” and to give your customer the feeling of a new experience.

Move your displays around every few weeks. Switch up displays with new products every two weeks. Bring displays in the back to the front and displays in the front to the middle to keep your store looking fresh.

Show your customers what they want.

It’s always more fun to buy what you want, not what you need. So, give your shoppers something they want. Put your most dream-worthy, fanciest, most expensive new items in the most prominent spots in your store. Ensure that you have enough height and enough products so that the customer can touch and pick up the desired products without undoing your display.

Avoid building a monochromatic display.

When you group your products, make sure you don’t group the same product. Group related items that can be used together or are similar, like coffee and tea. Or, you could use a strong color to stand out against another product, like red and black or pink and green.

Never, ever put up a sign that says, “DO NOT TOUCH”.

You should never fear your customers interacting with your merchandise. Not even in glass stores. You want customers to engage with your displays. Think of it this way: your displays are like a kitchen table—no one’s eating if they can’t touch the food.

Give your customers a pleasant surprise.

A great way to add a little je ne sais quoi is to add an unrelated, fun prop to your display. Consider displaying a warm, winter sweater with a soup bowl.

Highlight your display.

The power of great lighting effects cannot be underestimated. Make sure your display is well lit. You can create a fun spotlight from above, if you have the space. If you have a particularly dark display and cannot create a spotlight from above, consider moving your display to a better location. You can visit store fixture manufacturers to find retail store fixtures that would best compliment your product or create a dazzling spotlight to wow your shoppers.

Make sure you tag all your merchandise.

It should be common sense for retailers to make sure all of their products have a price tag. However, shoppers still go into stores to find that items that they are interested in do not have a price tag on them nor a sign that displays a price for the item. So, cross all your “Ts” and dot your “I’s” because no customer wants to have to ask a sales clerk how much an item cost.