How To Use Retail Store Fixtures

Displaying Clothing

For example, displaying clothing is very different than displaying other kinds of merchandise such as office supplies. You need completely different kinds of retail display fixtures for blouses, slacks and skirts than you do for office paper, printers and copiers. That’s why it’s essential that you purchase your retail store fixtures from a company that understands your particular needs, such as a place that provides custom store fixtures – like Midwest Store Fixtures.

Configuring The Layout

Another thing to consider when using retail store fixtures is the interior layout of the store. You want to configure the layout in such a way that the customers see all the merchandise available. In the center of the store, this means planning the layout of the fixtures so that there is a definite path throughout the shop that a customer would naturally follow as they browse the racks.

Keeping Safety In Mind

The other thing to keep in mind when using retail store fixtures is to keep the customers’ safety in mind. It’s not a good idea to place light wicker or plastic baskets near the door where they might topple. The door is a high traffic area, with people coming in and out with umbrellas, children in strollers and holding shopping bags. It’s too easy for a basket of merchandise to topple over, spilling the contents on the floor in front of the entryway. This kind of placement also presents a hazard for anyone needing to leave the store in a hurry, such as a situation where there’s a fire or other emergency. Basically, you never want to place anything too near the door where it could become an obstacle to exiting the building safely.

Planning It Out On Paper

It makes sense to plan the layout of the retail display fixtures on paper first. This way, you can get an overview of the plan and move things around easily on paper. It also allows you to maximize the retail space available so you can display as many items of merchandise as possible.

If you have any questions about configuring your retail fixtures, your chosen supplier can help you by showing you their full catalog. Finally, have fun with the design of your store layout! This is one of the most interesting parts of being a store manager!

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