Types of Store Fixtures

What are store fixtures?

Store fixtures are used for visual merchandising and displaying items. Businesses use them to promote products and to conveniently organize them.

There are a variety of different types of store fixtures available, such as:

  • slatwall fixtures
  • clothing store fixtures
  • gridwall fixtures
  • shopping bags
  • display cases
  • hangers
  • mannequins
  • gondola shelves
  • jewelry displays

Store fixtures allow you to gain maximum exposure for the various products you offer.

Slatwall fixtures

There are a variety of different sizes and colors of slatwall store fixtures. Slatwall can also be referred to as slotwall, slatboard, or grooved board. This type of fixture can be used to display accessories, clothes, and jewelry. There are a variety of different types of slatwall store fixtures, including:

  • hooks
  • panels
  • faceouts
  • acrylic displays
  • floor fixtures
  • wire displays
  • wire shelves
  • corner forms
  • wire baskets
  • brochure holders


Hangers are another type of store fixture which are used to display clothing. Different varieties of hangers include wooden hangers, metal hangers, and plastic hangers.

Display cases

Many businesses who sell expensive products like to make use of display cases as they provide another layer of security to the retailer. You can get aluminum or economy style display cases. These include half vision, full vision, open cases, register and jewelry stands. There are other types of display cases such as countertop, special tower, pedestal cases, oak cases, custom, and portable fixtures.

There are a variety of store fixtures that are used for jewelry displays. These include store fixtures for bracelets, necklaces, rings, and watches. Wood, velvet, acrylic, and metal are some of the different types of materials used in jewelry stores.


Another type of store fixture is gridwall hooks and panels. They can be used on the wall or floor in any store. They are useful as they can be customized. Gridwall store fixtures include shelf brackets, wire shelves, grid exhibits, sign holders, mini-grids, connectors, and floor fixtures.

Shopping bags

Shopping bags are another form of store fixture. These come in the form of tinted bags, natural craft bags, white craft bags, shopping baskets, and Christmas bags.

Store fixture collections

These are used to display a collection of products and include metal store fixtures, gold displays, ladder systems, and chain links. For heavy duty products, gondola shelves are used since they are made of steel and can support heavy weights. There are a variety of different sizes of gondola shelves available.

Lastly, mannequins are dummies that are generally used to display clothes. Mannequin store fixtures include adult, children, sports, and flexible mannequins.

Now that you know about all the different types of store fixtures, hopefully you’re now ready to choose one to successfully display your products!