Custom Store Fixtures

The better a display showcases a store’s products and the more appealing the presentation, the higher the quality of the display.

The appearance of a display is essential to its capacity for showcasing and advertising a store’s product lines. Display quality is paramount. Particularly in the case of high-quality and expensive items, mass-produced assembly line displays may not be adequate. In some cases, only custom fixtures will suffice.

Custom retail store fixtures are different than assembly-line manufactured displays because they fit specific products and lines as well as store design and decor more appropriately.

Why Custom Retail Fixtures as Opposed to Cookie-Cutter Displays?

There are two features of displays that are essential to the presentation of products: space and aesthetics. To magnify the appeal of individual items, a display must have the surface area required to give a product a proper presentation. Additionally, the display must serve as a complementary background to the product. At times it is difficult to find a display that achieves those ends.

The solution is custom retail store fixtures.

Custom Retail Fixtures Options?

There are a number of different custom retail display designs. In fact, the different types of displays a custom designer can make are virtually unlimited. However, there are some basic types. One type or another will fulfill the display needs of most stores.

Accessory Displays – For retail stores that sell clothing and apparel, accessory displays typically serve best. Accessory displays can be used to showcase clothing and apparel like shoes, sandals and footwear.

Grocer Displays – Typically found in supermarkets and farmers’ markets, grocer displays are used to exhibit fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread and bakery items, etc.

Stationery Displays – A stationary display is typically used to house things like books, office supplies, and merchandise for children — markers and crayons, for example.

Electronics Display – Often used to showcase personal digital devices like cell phones, tablets and laptops, electronics displays can also house desktop computers and televisions as well as accessories for electronics.

General Retail Display – For generic items that may not fit into a more specific category, there are general retail displays. They can be used to display everything from snacks and candy to newspapers and magazines and just about anything else that is small and relatively lightweight.

While mass-produced retail displays serve most purposes, custom retail fixtures can add an element of style and decor that accentuates products to a greater degree than a standard display.