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What Are the Advantages of Custom Retail Fixtures?

It’s not easy finding the right store fixtures and display shelves to perfectly match your store’s brand and the products you are selling. Not only do you have to search retail fixture manufacturers, but you have to take into consideration the size and shape you need for various spaces and types of merchandise. You can always find used retail store fixtures for sale. But, if you have specialty items that have an odd shape or you have an odd space that a normal fixture will not fix, then you need to consider custom retail store fixtures.

The skies’ the limit when it comes to using custom retail fixtures. You don’t have to sacrifice the look and feel of your store’s branding and style. In fact, having custom fixtures and displays are a great way to enhance your brand.

At Midwest Store Fixtures, we specialize in modifying and designing store fixtures tailored to your store’s individual needs and your specifications. Some of the advantages of using custom retail fixtures include, but are not limited to:

Custom store fixtures are aesthetic and functional.

  • Although mass produced, ready-made fixtures are fast and easy and are the go-to retail fixture solution, they may not fit your store’s dimensions. Custom designed fixtures take the measurements of your retail space and make the perfect displays and fixtures.
  • Ready-made fixtures use typical materials like steel, laminate, and even wood. With custom made fixtures, your manufacturers can put to use unusual materials or make uncommon materials work in ways that will enhance the presentation of your merchandise.
  • Ready-made fixtures come in the typical shapes of square, rectangle, and in some cases circular/round. Custom designs can be made into a variety of shapes and unusual designs to set your store and brand apart from your competitors.

Custom design is very versatile.

From using different and unusual materials to making different types of fixtures and displays, custom design allows your store’s style to be versatile. You can have your manufacturer build custom:

  • Point of Sale Counters, Customer Service Desks
  • Shelving
  • POP Displays
  • Display Counters, Tables, and Cabinets
  • Wall-mounted Displays
  • Custom Lighting

Another way you can use custom design to create a dynamic look for your store is to incorporate built-in technology into your fixtures and displays. You can use custom displays to make tech a part of your store’s design.

Remember, custom design can guarantee a better and more memorable experience by ensuring your design is customer centric. You want your fixtures to allow for convenient and easier shopping while using the power of suggestion.

Custom fixture manufacturers can give guidance on proper customization.

When working with custom fixture manufacturers, you are working with experts who can give you guidance on what works and what doesn’t—what’s feasible and what isn’t feasible for your store’s particular layout and space. They can help you understand what’s working for your competitors and how a custom design can set your store’s brand apart from your competitors.

Years of experience assisting retailers helps fixture manufacturers know the ins and outs of various industries. They know that custom store fixtures can differentiate your brand, creating an aesthetically pleasing and memorable shopping experience.