Successful Store Event Chicago

Tips to Create a Successful In-Store Event

Which type of event will you host?

Deciding which type of event you want to host is probably the most important decision you will have to make throughout this process. Putting together an event is not as simple as just throwing up a sign, passing out flyers and telling people to come to your party.

When deciding what type of event you want to have, take into consideration your customers’ schedule and seasonal changes. Ask yourself:

  • Who are your customers?
  • What types of activities do they enjoy?
  • Think about store events you’ve been to that were successful. Which elements made the event successful?
  • What season is it and which themes would work well with the current season or season in which your event will take place?

Plan your event well ahead of time.

The best event planners know that you need plenty of time to prepare if you want your event to be successful. When planning a retail event, stick to the 30/60/90-day rule of execution. This allows for ample time to account for publicity, printing, and other promotional activities that are time sensitive.

Staying organized and sticking to your plan and budget will help you stay on track increase the probability of a successful retail event. Make sure to schedule your tasks, organized by one month ahead of the event, two weeks ahead of the event, one week ahead, the day before the event, and the day of the event.

Budget for your event accordingly.

It’s easy to go over budget if you aren’t organized. When planning out your event, you need to set your budget. In order to set an appropriate budget, think about the different things you will need to host a successful retail event. You will need modern retail store fixtures, custom display fixtures, signs, and various forms of marketing materials. You will need to consider staffing, inventory, and the price for required services and products. Once you’ve figured out the total amount, add 10 to 20% to give your budget some wiggle room in case of an emergency.

A great idea to help reduce costs would be to consider co-hosting your event with another business or organization who may be willing to share costs and help promote the store function.

Take advantage of multiple marketing tactics.

Of course, the success of your function is dependent on how well you market the event. You can use a combination of marketing tactics to heighten the visibility of your event.

  • Send a postcard invitation to your customer list
  • Send e-vites to your customer database
  • Use Facebook event to invite customers
  • Create an EventBrite event, ensuring you include details and links to more information
  • Publishing social media posts and using paid ads
  • Use modern retail store fixtures to create a unique display with a theme that ties into the upcoming event.
  • Post a banner in front of the store
  • Leave flyers at nearby businesses and handing out flyers to customers
  • Find influencers to promote your event