The Importance of Choosing the Right Store Display Fixtures

When arranging your retail display fixtures to create a beautiful, attention-grabbing display, consider the following so that you are maximizing the potential of your displays to influence shoppers to buy.

Should your display be permanent or movable?

Using both permanent and mobile fixtures can work well together in creating the perfect in-store display. For example, mobile display fixtures like countertops, tabletop displays, lightweight shelving, and cardboard stands are very effective in showcasing products that are considered impulse buys. Permanent or stationary fixtures like video displays, endcap displays, interactive displays, and heavy wood or metal floor displays are great for showcasing items that customers need. Changing up the displays with seasonal items and changing out brand types could create a fresh look for permanent displays.

Are your displays functional for its intended purpose?

Before installing your display fixture, you first need to decide what it is that fixture will showcase. Your fixtures need to be functional. Otherwise it just won’t work and will end up causing more frustration and may even end up costing your store money. The last thing you want is to install a fixture and place an item or items on it that are too heavy for it or simply won’t fit.

It should go without saying that stacks of tee shirts will weigh considerably less than stacks of canned goods. In order to ensure your retail store display fixtures are functional and will work as intended, you need to consider the weight, height, and size of what you are going to display. Will you need a glass case? Will you need clothing fixtures, two-sided gondola, or pegboards, or a reconfigurable modular display that can snap together? Will you need a custom display fixture for unique or special items?

Can you update your display fixtures easily?

One of the main reasons that store displays are effective in boosting in-store sales is that they highlight certain products. Store displays help products standout from what a customer could see as endless rows of products. Store displays add that extra oomph to a store’s products. How products are displayed can be the inspiration to get your customer to buy.

Never underestimate the power that retail store fixtures have on influencing customers to look at, touch, try on, and buy your products. Midwest Store Fixtures can offer you solutions to enhance your store’s overall look and feel. We’re a retail store fixture company in Illinois with more than 25 years’ experience assisting businesses create stellar customer experiences through displays.