Choosing The Right Pipeline Clothing Rack Store Display Fixture

Stand-Alone Pipeline Clothing Racks

Because it’s the simplest type of store display fixture, a stand-alone pipeline clothing rack is also the most versatile. You can put stand-alones up against a wall. They also work well in the center of an area or placed against one another where a corner meets.

In addition to their versatility with respect to placement, they are also available in a variety of sizes and designs. By connecting several pipes together horizontally with Ts and vertical pipes, a stand-alone pipeline clothing rack can run the entire length of the store’s wall.

Furthermore, it is possible to make a stand-alone pipeline clothing rack with several levels.

Again, using Ts and pipes running vertically, it is possible to have one or two levels of horizontal pipes above the first! In other words, it is possible to have a clothing rack that is two or more sections wide and several tiers high.

But, stand-alone pipeline clothing racks are just the beginning.

Mobile Pipeline Clothing Racks

With wheels affixed to a base, mobile pipeline clothing racks make reconfiguring the look of a store easy for one person to do. Stand-alone pipeline clothing racks usually take two or more people to move, but a mobile rack is no problem for a single person to push around.

Typically, mobile pipeline clothing racks have a platform at the bottom to which the wheels are affixed. The bottom platform is a perfect place to display things like shoes, boots, umbrella canisters, and sock racks.

And, like stand-alone racks, mobile pipeline clothing racks can come in a variety of lengths and heights.

Maybe the most aesthetically pleasing pipeline clothing racks, however, are wall-mounted pipeline clothing racks.

Wall-Mounted Pipeline Clothing Racks

Though less versatile than stand-alone and mobile pipeline clothing racks, wall-mounted racks are very aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, they allow for use of the space beneath the rack.

Wall-mounted pipeline clothing racks affix to a wall easily and can be moved by removing the screws and remounting the rack in a new location. Furthermore, by using pipe fittings of different angles, wall-mounted racks are perfect for utilizing odd corners and nooks in a boutique or store.

While you have a litany of options for clothing racks, if you prefer simplicity as the aesthetic and stylistic look of your boutique or shop, it is almost impossible to improve on the look and feel of pipeline clothing racks as a store display fixture.