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Display Trends That Can Have a Huge Impact on Your Sales

No retailer goes into business to NOT make money. Retail business owners do what they can to maximize their profits. Sadly, there are some business owners who do not understand how big an impact the little things can have on their sales. And if you visit your local store display manufacturer, they can assist you with a few little things that could positively affect your sales in a big way. Here are a few tips to help boost your sales.

Use specific colors to inspire your customers.

Colors are known to affect people’s moods and inspire different feelings and reactions in people. This is especially useful in retail, as different colors have meanings and are proven to be associated with different things. For example, red symbolizes and triggers feelings of passion and intensity. Blue, however, usually has a calming effect. Black symbolizes wealth and sophistication and is used quite often in high-end retail stores.

Take advantage of using various colors to evoke energy in your customers. You don’t want to set your focus on just one color, though.

Sounds can influence whether customers stay or go.

What type of retail establishment do you have? What type of atmosphere do you want to create in your store? Selecting the right music can set the mood, compliment your store’s color theme and inspire more sales. Music with slow tempos help shoppers to relax, slowing down their rate of shopping, and encouraging them to spend more time, and subsequently money, in your store. Also, take into consideration playing music that is popular with your store’s demographic. Also, make sure you talk to your fixture manufacturer about maximizing sounds by incorporating your sound system into a display fixture.

Appeal to your customers’ sense of smell.

Never underestimate the power of something that smells really good. Appealing to your customers’ sense of smell can boost sales tremendously. The scent of lavender has been proven to assist in reducing stress and anxiety. Vanilla has been proven to be calming, having a comforting effect on consumers. Try incorporating various scents throughout your store. Just be careful of overlapping scents and overloading your customers’ olfactory glands with a combination that could be annoying or even cause nausea.

Help your customers see the light.

Having the right lighting throughout your store is probably one of the most important details manufacturers need to pay attention to. Some studies have indicated that bright lighting in retail stores can evoke feelings of positivity and honesty while encouraging impulsive shopping. Dim lighting, however, can have the opposite effect on customers. It could disrupt the customer’s balance, discourage them from shopping or purchasing specific products. It’s important for retailers to use a combination of different light display fixtures throughout the store.

It’s now easier than ever to find a custom display manufacturer to help enhance your store’s theme and boost sales. Just search for store fixtures near me or, if you are in the Chicago area, come to Midwest Store Fixtures to get the expert help you need to take your retail business to the next level.