How To Incorporate Your Branding In Your Corporate Headquarters

Color Schemes

The first thing to consider is the color scheme for your new space. You should use the same colors in your new space that you use in your retail stores, as well as in your advertising material. However, corporate spaces are used quite differently than retail spaces are, which means that you might want to use the colors in a different way. For example, you might use the neutral shades in your company’s branding as a base and add brighter colors as accents, whereas in retail the bolder colors would take center stage.


It is important that your logos are featured prominently throughout the design of your new space. There are many places where you can incorporate the logo in a classy way. For example, having the logo on the doors to the spaces that get the highest traffic levels can be very effective. Putting your logo on the floor or on significant pieces of furniture can also be very effective.

Lighting and Hanging Fixtures

The lighting and other fixtures in a space can really define the mood of the room. To create some continuity between your retail spaces and your corporate headquarters, you may want to use similar lighting designs as well as other decor pieces to set the mood. However, it’s important that your lighting is functional and creates a comfortable environment for your employees to work in.

Photos and Video

Your company headquarters needs to represent your company’s journey and growth. Putting significant photos on the walls in spaces that see high levels of visitor traffic is a great way to show that off. You can even include video screens to create a more high-tech brand image. However, if you do opt to go with video, you need to make sure you have the technical capabilities to keep it running throughout the day.

These are just a few of the many considerations you need to take into account when designing your corporate office. Your headquarters should be a place that employees are proud to come to work every day, as well as a place that really showcases your company values to visitors. Incorporating your brand imaging and values into this new space is a must. You may want to consider working with a design firm to get the best results in this venture.