Store Fixtures

Make Your Store Fixtures Match Your Shop’s Personality

Every retail store is different, targeting different types of customers and selling unique products. What store fixtures you choose says a lot about your company’s brand and market. Instead of using generic store fixtures, you can choose store fixtures that enhance customer experience and build upon your brand. Here are some ways that stores can choose store fixtures that match a shop’s personality.

Upscale and Luxury

For upscale and luxury shops, it may not make sense to buy standard, mass-produced fixtures from retail store fixture manufacturers. Instead, choosing store fixtures made of glass, mirrors, stone, dark solid woods, and marble can create a more high-end experience that better matches the products your company sells. Instead of selling silk shirts from a standard metal rack, merchandising the shirts on a beautiful wooden fixture can foster a better buying experience.

Eccentric and Secondhand 

Eccentric and secondhand stores have different needs when it comes to store supply fixtures. Stores that have vintage or eccentric interiors to not need to invest in luxury store fixtures, as it would go against the desired branding anyway. Choosing to repurpose and upcycle store fixtures may help to create a customer experience focused on being more sustainable and finding statement pieces that can tell the brand story.


Most spas want to cultivate an atmosphere of cleanliness and purity. This can lend well to store fixtures that are minimal and made of glass, so the focus is on the spa products and not the fixture itself. Some spas use white or cream-colored fixtures to also achieve this aesthetic.

Children’s Stores

Stores aimed at children and teens can strongly benefit from some fun and creative fixtures that bring in bright colors and popular children’s characters. This can include elements of games, school supplies, and primary colors that can bring light to any school store, comic book shop, or toy retailer. When it comes to creative store fixtures, there are few limits when it comes to what is possible.

Themed Shops

Themed stores can benefit from interesting and custom store fixtures. For instance, bowling alley pro shops could use bowling ball and pin themed fixtures. Art stores can use crayon or paintbrush themed fixtures. There are some really fun and innovative pre-fabricated store fixtures that you can consider. However, there are even more variations that are possible if you opt for a custom store fixture. You can describe what kind of products you sell or your vision for the fixtures and discuss possibilities with an expert who can guide you as to what is possible.

Every piece of decor, store fixture, or display that you choose to put in your retail spot is an active choice about your brand. Incorporating the right store fixtures can help to cultivate the customer experience you want. If your company is in need of store supply fixtures, call MW-SF to schedule an appointment to discuss how we can help you to get the right fixtures for your needs.