Unique Merchandising Ideas

Steal these Unique Merchandising Ideas Now

If you don’t already know, visual merchandising is using anything that can be seen, both inside and outside of the store, to entice customers to come inside. It’s way more comprehensive than window displays. You don’t want customers to just look at your merchandise. You want to inspire shoppers to buy.

Visual merchandising is a chance for retail store owners to be creative and let their imaginations run wild. Well, not too wild, but free enough to motivate shoppers to spend their money. Here are a few tried and true merchandising ideas to help you boost your store sales.

Turn Your Merchandise into An Artistic Display

When you walk into a store where the products are arranged as if they are works of art, it will stay in your memory. Try arranging products in a way that presents them as art. You can even arrange products around a focal art piece to get shoppers to take a closer look. This works especially well for apparel display fixtures for items like jeans.

Incorporate Technology into Your Design

Modern technology offers so many ways to update your design and enhance the customer experience. From customized Spotify playlists for shoppers to touch screens that allow customers to interact with products in new ways, you can use tech entice customers to be interactive with products, increasing the chances they will buy your product.

Take Advantage of the Power of Flowers

Fresh flowers and plants have been scientifically proven to help people feel relaxed, comfortable, and helps reduce stress. Researchers found that “parasympathetic nervous activity was enhanced by viewing roses.” That’s right—people feel more relaxed in nature and, when they can’t get to nature, it helps to bring nature to them. Including fresh plants in your store can help shoppers relax, increasing the length of time they spend in your store. And the longer a customer spends in your store, the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Include Upcycled Product Displays

While using modern retail store fixtures and custom display fixtures are a great way to use space, using upcycled items in your product display can help add a creative, yet environmentally friendly approach to showcasing your merchandise. Upcycled product displays gives your store and brand identity a sort of face-lift, adding excitement and garnering intrigue in what you are selling: your products and your brand message.

Use Real People Instead of Mannequins

Apparel display fixtures are nice. But what better way to show shoppers how great your clothes look than by using real people? Having human models, including employees, gives your shoppers a personal shopping experience. You’re not only selling your apparel; you’re selling a lifestyle by creating a strong brand image.

Put Your Customers on the Right Path to Your Products

Arrange your retail display fixtures, signs, and products in a way that allows shoppers to easily navigate your store and find products by creating a pathway and including enough space between display fixtures for customers to pass through. This allows you to do two things: guide your customers to where you want them to go and to create an unforgettable experience.