Increase Pet Store Sales With These 4 Tips For An Effective Store Design Plan

Heavy Food Bag Placement

You want to use wide span shelving to display heavy pet food bags along the store’s border walls. You want to use a store plan model that creates a path to the heavy dog or cat food bags at the far parameters of the store. Because food is generally what pet owners shop for most, creating a path entices customers to purchase add-on items along the way-items like toys, treats, bedding and other accessories for their pets.

Create an Impulse Aisle at Checkout Counters

Use retail sales counters to display impulse items near the check out register. Impulse items include everything from candy, small toys, gift certificates, and small accessories and other treats. Placing these items near checkout can entice customers to pick up something last minute (impulse), adding to total sales and having a huge impact on your pet store’s total profit.

End Unit Displays

Contrary to popular retail belief, your most expensive items should not be displayed on your end unit. Instead, use your end caps to feature popular and your highest selling products. Because you’re dealing with limited space, retailers must use their space wisely-and that means creating spaces that will maximize their profit. Your end caps should display items that will maximize your pet store’s profit.

Pro tip from Handy Store Fixtures: “End caps are an ideal location to use gondola accessories like security cases, open baskets, and dividers.”

Customized Store Display Fixtures

By working with a store display fixture company who specializes in customization, you can have shelving specially made to fit your pet store’s unique layout. Try using a freestanding gondola to take advantage of spaces that may not allow for general shelving to occupy that space without throwing off the store’s layout.

You want your merchandise to be displayed at its best advantage-to be easily accessible to customers, having a natural flow that enhances your customers’ shopping experience. Try using different variations of store display fixtures for your items. Take advantage of slat wall hooks, baskets, and aisle markers to enhance your pet supply store’s display fixtures and showcase your merchandise in the best light. If you need assistance in selecting the store fixtures best for your pet supply store, come talk to us. Midwest Store Fixtures has over 25 years’ experience creating functional and aesthetically pleasing interior retail spaces.