Increasing Sales In Your Retail Store

Here are some tips to help:

1. Put products in customers’ paths

How you space your fixtures and displays determines how a customer will move through your store. Unlike the layout of a grocery store, customers should move around a retail store as opposed to through it. Allow customers to weave in and out of departments and aisles. In other words, try to avoid having straight paths throughout your store.

To do so, place displays and centerpieces in the path of customers so that they must navigate around them. Putting products in the path of customers achieves several goals. First, it allows you to actively advertise your products. Secondly, it slows the pace at which customers move through your store. The longer a customer is in your store and the more products they see, the greater their opportunity to buy in volume.

2. Create destinations in your store

Strategically placing centerpiece displays also increases the amount of time a customer is in your store. Make centerpiece displays highly visible, but as far away from exits as possible. Instead, place your boutique displays near exits and main aisles. Make moving to a centerpiece display a journey through your store’s departments.

3. Use vertical space

Retail store fixture manufacturers understand the importance of vertical space which is why many fixtures are often positioned above the average customer’s line of sight. Retail fixture companies know that people naturally slow their pace when they look up.

Customers can walk by a display and pause if the product is at eye level or below. But, by stocking products above their line of sight, your displays will slow or stop customers.

4. Create eureka moments and ‘why-not’ experiences near the checkout

One of the simplest means of increasing sales is to place low-cost and introductory offer items near your checkout. As people stand in line, they are often thinking about what they may have forgotten and may be more open to making impulse purchases.

5. Display sale items and promotions prominently

Placing items that are the best deals in high-traffic areas makes it appear that an entire store is having a sale. The more often customers see “Sale” and “2 for 1” or “X% off!” on displays, the more likely they are to assume all the products in the store are low or reasonably priced.

Increasing your volume of sales is a matter of how much time a customer spends in your store and whether they believe they are getting a bargain. Follow these tips for yourself, or get in touch with us for more advice.