If Your Store Needs a New Look, Try Gridwall or Slatwall Display Fixtures

Gridwall Store Display Fixtures

Gridwall is a very versatile and inexpensive type of display fixture that can assist in breathing new life in most retail stores. A gridwall shelving system allows you to hang small items on the wall with hooks. For organization, you can use baskets. Gridwall shelving units can be assembled as freestanding units and can be placed virtually anywhere within your store.

Gridwall is made of metallic grids and can be installed directly onto a wall or as freestanding, portable gondolas. After easily assembling gridwall, owners can display their products on the grid with hooks. Gridwall fixtures require very little maintenance after setup and can support most products.

If you are worried about a store display fixture blocking visibility, an independent gridwall unit can help with that. Gridwall units are see-through, which can help with security issues as would-be shoplifters would find that particular area too risky for theft.

Gridwall units are portable and lightweight — they can be relocated from space to space without hassle. Because of their ease of transportation, gridwall fixtures are great for pop-up retail locations. Gridwall can also be configured to be used as permanent retail display fixtures.

Slatwall Store Display Fixtures

In the same family as gridwall is slatwall. Slatwall display fixtures are generally used for aesthetics and will blend in with surrounding décor. Though it may look like a permanent store fixture, slatwall displays are quite mobile and come in a variety of sizes and finishes to fit your store’s décor. Just ask your store fixture manufacturers which one is right for you.

Like gridwall displays, slatwall is able to support most products.

They are highly configurable, which makes them an excellent retail display choice for making good use of corner spaces and small areas. Slatwall also allows retailers the versatility to take their merchandise to new heights by displaying more items higher up.

If you need something that’s customizable as well as lightweight and portable, gridwall and slatwall offer great perfect solutions. Because they are highly customizable, they offer stores flexibility in adjusting display fixtures for themed displays and sales. You can even add shelving options to your slatwall display to create more space.

Slatwall displays are a great option for remodeling, renovations, and reorganizing your store. Combine hooks and shelving displays to create a polished new look for your store. And, like gridwall, slatwall is cost effective while offering retailers a huge bang for very little buck.

If you’re not sure what type of retail display fixture will be a good fit for your establishment, talk to the experts and display fixture manufacturers at Midwest Store Fixtures.